Clothing for good with Express Weekly New

Clothing for good with Express Weekly New

Wheat and Wildflower featured in Express Weekly News April 2023

Autumn Fehr created a feature about Wheat & Wildflower Handmade in the April 6, 2023 Express Weekly News.  Janine designs "grow with me clothing" - clothing meant to grow with kids for 3 sizes.  "Not only does Duguid's clothing work to solve budgetary concerns, but it is also a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle."

Wheat and Wildflower Handmade: Clothing for good

By Autumn Fehr

featured in The Express Weekly News, Thursday, April 6, 2023

Owner of Wheat & Wildflower Handmade, Janine Duguid designs “grow with me clothing” – clothing meant to grow with kids for up to three sizes.

Janine Duguid embarked on a new career path in the fall of 2020. In the midst of the pandemic, she lost her job in the agriculture industry due to corporate downsizing, so she turned to something she loved to make a living. Duguid was looking for a way to stay home and be more flexible for her family.

Duguid creates and sews “grow with me clothing” through Wheat & Wildflower Handmade. “I’ve loved to sew since I was a child and thought this was a good opportunity to try that by starting up a shop,” said Duguid.

This clothing style has an extendable cuff that accommodates growing kids for three growth sizes so clothes last longer. It’s made with natural fabrics, so it’s a sustainable choice for families.

As a mom of three, Duguid saw firsthand how quickly her kids grew out of clothes and what a money pit it was to replace outfits when they outgrew them constantly — sometimes hardly worn. This is where grow-with-me clothing comes in handy. With the extendable cuffs and thoughtfully designed patterns, the clothing is stylish and functional, ready to grow with kids up to three sizes, saving money on clothes in the long run. “It’s nice to have high-quality, handmade stuff that is excellent quality fabric that will hold up to wash and wear and tear. It’s clothing that will be able to be passed down to future generations of kids or future kids within the same family,” said Duguid.

Some styles of clothing Wheat & Wildflower Handmade sells are pullovers, joggers, shorts, T shirts, dresses and accessories. Sizes range from newborns up to 12-year sizing. Accessories are also available for teens and adults.

The sizing categories: the smallest size coverage is from newborn up to six months, then a three-month up to one year, one year up to 3T, 3T to 6T, 6T to nine years and nine years to 12-year sizing. Prices on clothing items vary. Accessories start at $8 each for the scrunchies. The lower-end prices for her clothing pieces start at $35-$40 and increase as the child grows, based on the amount of fabric she uses. The biggest size is $60. Her three-piece sets, which include a T-shirt, shorts and pullover, range from $75 to just under $100. For more details, check out her website.

Not only does Duguid’s clothing work to solve budgetary concerns, but it is also a set towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Each year, 100 billion garments are made. Ninety two million tonnes of them make up our landfills.  Purchasing clothing that grows with you means buying less, helping to reduce the 92 million tonnes of waste in our landfills.

To be even more conscious of her waste, Duguid uses small fabric scraps from her clothing orders to make accessories. The smaller pieces that can’t be used for accessories, Duguid uses to stuff beds for pets, which she donates to the Gimli Humane Society. “When I first opened my shop, I knew that waste would be generated. Right from when I started, I wanted to find a solution, so I wasn’t sending fabric scrapes to landfill,” said Duguid. Duguid has made and donated the animal beds to the Humane Society since she opened two and a half years ago. She said her children often help her stuff the beds, so it’s become a family thing. So far this year, Duguid has donated approximately 50 beds.

With less than three years into the business, Duguid has many goals. Her main goal is to expand her customer reach and grow her email newsletter. In addition, she is working on her spring and summer lines, which will be available at many in-person spring and summer markets. She is at the Arnes Farmer’s Market most of the summer.

Wheat & Wildflower Handmade ships across Canada, and orders are shipped out within 24 hours of being placed. Pick-up can be arranged.

The best way to place your economic and sustainable clothing order is by visiting the website at If you have any questions about the clothing or the business, Duguid can be reached at

Duguid is seeking help with her production and administration side of her business.  If interested, keep your eye out for the job posting.

Read the article online here.

Wheat and Wildflower: Clothing for good feature from Express Weekly News April 2023

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