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About Me

I design and sew cute and comfy clothes
that fit growing kids for 3 sizes!


In the fall of 2020, I was at a crossroad in life.  My 15+ year career in the ag industry had been cut in a corporate downsizing.  At the same time, I was feeling the need for more flexibility and balance as a mom to 3 on our busy and growing family farm.

Faced with daily commuting to find a similar job, my dreams of being an entrepreneur tugged at me persistently.  A few years earlier, I had begun sewing for my family as a creative outlet.  I quickly fell in love with quality fabrics and custom-fitting garments.  Handmade clothing quickly became my favourite gift for family and friends.  And family and friends were always asking if I had time to make more.

With a huge leap of optimism and faith, I boldly moved from the life of board rooms and travel into small shop life.  Wheat and Wildflower Handmade combined my business skills with my love of sewing and well-made clothing.  My goal was to create a shop that is sustainable for myself, my customers, and our environment.

But first things first, I needed to tackle the heaps of outgrown clothing that 3 kids created.  It was overwhelming!  So many items of clothing.  So much of it hardly worn.  Even items from the well-known kids brands were shrunken with twisted sleeves and legs and unraveling seams.  Clothing is a huge investment and the quality leaves so much to be desired.  I knew there had to be a better way! 

What if clothing could last for 3 sizes?

The light bulb went off when I came across the idea of Grow With Me Clothing.  Grow With Me clothing is a perfect way to allow high quality, handmade clothing last 3 times as long as traditional, sized clothing!

I love to design and sew cute and comfy clothes that fit growing kids for 3 sizes.  I offer clothing with the quality and design to allow it to last!  Kids love the soft and cozy fabrics and that they can wear their favourites for three times as long.  Parents appreciate the high-quality fabrics and classic designs that add function and style to their child’s closet.  And even better, there is far less outgrown clothing to sort, making a small but important contribution to more sustainable lifestyles.  Less clothing is needed and it can be worn longer.

My farm kids put clothing to the test!  Quality and durability are important to me.  All items are cut and sewn by me in my home-based studio.  Items are professionally constructed with an industrial serger and finished with a coverstitch machine to create strong seams that stand up to kids at play.

I choose high quality, natural (plant-based) fabrics and avoid all synthetic fabrics.  Fabrics are chosen for durability and longevity, but comfort and style are never compromised.  I proudly source all of my fabrics from Canadian supply companies.

My husband, Scott and I live with our 3 children on our family farm near Arnes, Manitoba. When I’m not busy sewing, I can be found outside doing all the things busy farm moms do: moving cattle between pastures, rounding up escapees, checking crops or pastures, and running kids to town for activities.  In my spare time I love to garden, ride horses, see our wheat (and regenerative ag fields) grow and watch the pastures for my favourite wildflowers.

Thank you for your support of my dream!

Janine Duguid