Signs of Spring on the Canadian Prairies

Signs of Spring

Spring is a season of growth and change in nature. Be sure to watch and listen! Here is a list of 12 signs of spring.

  • Robins return and can be seen in grassy areas
  • Pussy willows begin to show
  • Blades of green will appear in grassy areas that have been dormant all winter
  • Overhead, Canada geese can be spotted in V formations and they will be seen in nesting groups on the ground
  • Small birds like chickadees gather in trees
  • Dandelions start to grow and bloom
  • Crocuses bloom, especially on south-facing hills and ditches
  • In the evenings, frog choruses can be heard
  • Birds will be seen building nests
  • Tree branches begin to bud
  • Earthworms can be found near the garden surface
  • Red-winged black birds arrive in wetland areas

How many signs of spring have you seen?   Print our free poster for your fridge or take it on a nature walk. This is a perfect way for your little ones to engage their senses and observe the changes in their daily environment.

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