Sustainable kids clothing, one garment at a time

Sustainable kids clothing, one garment at a time

Sustainable Kids Clothing, made in Canada by Wheat and Wildflower Handmade.  Image shows owner Janine creating grow with me children's clothing, clothing that lasts longer by fitting for 3 sizes

The fashion world creates so much waste. And this is something that weighs heavily on my mind in every decision that I make. I am constantly asking myself “How can I do better?”

In a world where we are surrounded by fast fashion, clothing is quick, easy, inexpensive and disposable.  Some days it feels like the impossible to be a shop offering sustainable options.

Sustainable fashion, many small steps at a time

Sustainability isn’t just a word for social media or for my website and tags. To me, sustainability is a lot of small choices that add up to make a difference. And while I might be just one small person making a small number of garments each year, the actions of each small person making conscious choices can add up collectively to a greater impact.

Grow With Me clothes fit 3x as long as regular sized kids clothes! That is a huge step towards sustainability!  Even one garment that is worn three times as long is two less items to eventually be discarded.  We make a choice about our future with each cause we support or each item we purchase.


One garment of grow with me clothing replaces three regular sized items.  Image shows a stack of 3 pairs of pants and three shirts under a label regular sized  And under a label Grow With Me shows one pair of pants and one shirt.  Grow With Me Clothing is a sustainable clothing solution for children.

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One of a Kinds!

Be sure to check out our One-of-a-Kind collection!  This collection is home to items made with remnants of fabrics.  It is also where you can find seconds-quality or sample products!  All items have been lovingly handmade, but some are perfectly imperfect.  Be sure to read the product descriptions.

Check out my One of A Kind Collection

But what about fabric waste?

Small remnants of fabric are turned into color-blocked clothing, one-of-a-kind items and baby-sized clothing. Other smaller pieces are used for accessories like scrunchies and headbands.

And new for spring 2023, I will have ways to grow your creativity at the same time as finding a solution for some of my fabric waste… sneak peeks of this will be coming soon!

Beyond that, all unusable trimmings from my garment production are sewn into upcycled cases for pet beds for our local humane society! I love being able to eliminate scraps from my business from entering the landfill!

“Thank you, Wheat & Wildflower Handmade, for having such a big heart and being so generous to our animals.  What could be more thoughtful than handcrafted pet pillow beds for homeless pets in an animal shelter?  When an animal is adopted, it can be a frightening experience for them.  The animal is uprooted once more to travel to an unknown place.  Because of you and other donors like you, we are able to give the adoptive family the bed or blanket their pet has been sleeping on to ease the transition.  This helps to make the transition to a new home less stressful.  Thank you all again for your kind assistance and ongoing care and for making a difference in the lives of the shelter animals.” - Gimli Humane Society

Wheat and Wildflower Handmade owner, Janine Duguid, drops off pet pillows at Gimli Humane Society.  Pet beds are filled with scrap fabrics as part of her sustainable fashion initiatives.

“The new pillows are a hit!  They’re purrfect!  We can’t express our sincere gratitude.  Thank you so much!” - Gimli Humane Society
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