Talking pet beds with CBC Radio Morning Show

Talking pet beds with CBC Radio Morning Show

Wheat and Wildflower turns fabric scraps into pet beds for her local humane society, in an effort to eliminate fabric waste and to increase the sustainability of her business.  The photo shows owner, Janine, with an overflowing basket of pet beds, standing in front of the Gimli Humane Society donation bin

On Saturday March 25, I had the honour of being the Early Bird for the Weekend Morning Show with CBC Radio.  I spoke with host, Shannah-Lee Vidal about my business, Wheat & Wildflower Handmade and about the pet beds that I create regularly to donate to the Gimli Humane Society.

Making pet beds has eliminated any scrap fabric generated from my small business from entering the landfill.  I create cases from upcycled blankets or sheets from local thrift stores and fill them with fabric scraps and trimmings that are too small to be turned into accessories.  By working closely with Gimli Humane Society, I am able to create pillows in a variety of sizes that are used within the shelter for their rescue cats.  Sometimes they provide pillows to their foster families or other shelters in need.  And adopted kittens and cats are often sent to their forever homes with a pillow that feels and smells familiar.  It has been a win-win experience for my business to contribute to my community.

You can listen to the recording here.

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