What does sustainable clothing mean to me?

A few weeks ago at a market, somebody stated that my clothing wasn’t sustainable because I didn’t exclusively use bamboo fabric.

Honestly, this stung. Sustainability is something that I take seriously here at Wheat & Wildflower.

🍃 Sustainability isn’t just about the fabric choice. Sustainability is about choosing to support local. For Wheat & Wildflower, this means purchasing ALL of my fabrics and tags from Canadian supply companies. Many of these companies are small, family-owned businesses.

🍃 Sustainability is about making things last and consuming less; grow with me clothes are a sustainable option for children’s clothing because they last three times longer than traditional sized clothing. On top of that, the quality allows these clothes to be passed on to another child as hand-me-downs.

🍃 Sustainability is also with the choices we make about the waste that our business creates. Any fabric waste created by Wheat & Wildflower is turned into pet beds and donated to my local Humane Society.

🍃 Sustainability is about packaging and making conscious choices to use a minimal amount of packaging.

This one comment really made me think about how companies have brainwashed (greenwashed?) us into believing that sustainability can be one simple thing, like using bamboo fabric.

Instead we really need to look deeper and think of sustainability as many small parts that add up to improving our businesses and our lives.

What have I missed? What are your thoughts on sustainability?
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